Hardscaping is the man-made features that are incorporated into your landscape architecture. Foot paths, retaining walls, patios, decks, driveways, and paved roads are all examples of hardscaping features. The materials used to create hardscaping elements may vary, but generally include stone, concrete, brick, gravel, and wood. These hardscaping elements can help you create a more sustainable and stylish backyard space to enjoy as the weather warms up! Here are a few benefits to adding hardscaping elements to your outdoor space:

1. Low maintenance

Unlike costly landscaping and lawn features, hardscaping elements require little to no maintenance once they are installed. Simply choose the design you want, and let our professionals take over from there! No watering, pruning, mowing, or trimming required.

2. Water-efficient

Maintaining your lawn can require thousands of gallons of water each year. In areas where drought is common, these precious gallons could be used more efficiently than dumping them into dry, dying grass. A backyard hardscape design can allow you to use less water without worrying about ruining an expensive investment.

3. Improve property value.

By creating more usable outdoor living space, you can increase the number of potential buyers who may consider your home. About 87 percent of buyers look for an outdoor patio when purchasing a home.  

4. Add entertainment space.

In warmer months, your deck and patio are an extension of your home. By adding more room to sit, grill, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors, you will improve your family’s outdoor experience. A hardscape pathway, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen can make your backyard the envy of the whole neighborhood.

5 .Reduce erosion.

By placing retaining walls or other barriers in the path of potential rain runoff, you can reduce the amount of erosion to your property. Our experts can plan these hardscaping elements effectively to maximize their efficiency and erosion reduction.

If you’ve been considering adding a hardscaping element to your outdoor space, now is the time! Contact us today to get started.