Our reputation is on the line with every house that we build, and because of that, communication is key. When laying out the plan for the home you’re going to spend every day in, we understand that attention to detail is essential. To ensure the highest levels of quality, we are “hands-on” involved with every detail of your new custom home. Our team will sit down with you and make sure that we are giving you your ideal build. The process can be complicating and overwhelming on your own, so it’s our mission to make this easy and enjoyable. You’ll take the journey with our experienced professionals as we partner to achieve your goals. There’s so many details involved in the planning process, and our mission is to help you focus on the excitement instead of the stress. We know how to keep a project on track. When issues arise, we manage them professionally. We’ve seen it all! A trusting relationship between builder and homeowner is key, so we value transparency with our clients. At Sweeney Construction, you can trust our process and expect a quality outcome you’ll be proud to call home.

Sweeney Construction

243 Cortner Mill Rd.
Normandy, TN 37360
Phone: 615-892-0599