Building a new home is more than just picking something out of a catalog — when making the decision to build a home; consider a custom built home. There are so many reasons to choose custom built as opposed to going with a pre-made or out of the catalog style home and we’ve listed our 6 top reasons to go custom here:

1. Customization
You have the power to make choices. You have the freedom to select everything you want in your home: appliances, wall and floor coverings, trim, custom cabinetry and amenities. You’re not limited by floor plans, materials and cookie cutter “customizations.” If you dream it up, you have the choice to create it.

2. Budget
The notion of a custom-built home is way more expensive than a pre-existing or semi-custom home isn’t always true — it’s only more expensive if you choose for it to be. In reality — building a custom home means you get to choose what you want within your budget.

3. Land and Privacy Choice
You can choose where you want to live. Custom builds can be done anywhere — neighborhood, seclusion, communities — you can custom build anywhere. YOU get to  select the perfect spot for your home.

4. Functionality
Custom built homes are designed entirely around you and your family, including your floor plan. Rather than working around a pre-existing home’s floor plan, or having limited options, your floor plan is being designed to maximize and take advantage of every inch of usable space — the way you want it.

5. Quality
With a pre-existing home or a semi-custom home, you don’t have much control over the quality of materials being utilized — it’s all cookie cutter and pre-planned without you in the process. A good custom builder works with experienced craftsmen who provide high-quality work and materials. With a custom-built home you know it is constructed with the best products, materials, and brands.

6. Personal Expression
Your custom-built home is a direct reflection of you — your style, taste, and personality. By working with an architect and interior designer you’ll have the opportunity to create a home that is your dream home.

When it comes to building custom homes that stand the test of time, you need to work with a trusted, experienced home builder. Sweeney Construction is the premier custom home builder in Middle Tennessee and we have earned our reputation through decades of bringing family’s dream homes to life. If you’re looking to build a custom home in Murfreesboro, Manchester, Tullahoma, Nashville or other Middle Tennessee areas, contact us today!